Optimex Engineering Limited Consulting Engineers and Manufacturers

About Optimex Engineering Limited

Since 1977, Optimex Engineering Limited has delivered professional engineering consulting and manufacturing services.

In this time, we have accumulated extensive knowledge and experience, working with clients from a wide range of industries, enabling us to efficiently find solutions to production problems and automation needs.

Comprehensive In-House Services

Optimex offers extensive services to accommodate projects of any size and scope, including but not limited to:

  • Project assessment
  • Proposal development to detailed engineering design
  • Manufacturing of machine parts
  • Purchasing of mechanical components and electrical controls
  • Machine assembly and testing
  • Installation of machinery or production lines

Given the requirements of our customers, we can deliver engineering consulting or manufacturing services alone to complete turnkey projects.

From custom machinery that would perform one or more production operations to completely automated production lines consisting of several machines and material handling equipment, Optimex provides clients with practical solutions to real world problems.

Professional Services and Quality Custom Machinery

We attribute our continued success to placing the utmost importance on understanding the needs and requirements of each of our customers. We approach each new project with the same motivation, to create a design that is simple, reliable, safe and manufacturable at minimal cost.

We offer promptness in satisfying customer requirements. At Optimex, our professionals are dedicated to answering the needs of customers for higher productivity and lower production costs.

Highest Quality Standards

At Optimex, we maintain a broad range of in-house services to ensure the highest standards of quality for your finished product, by supervising your project at all levels of its development.

Competitive Proposals

We can evaluate the requirements of an intended project and submit a competitive proposal.

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