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Optimex Machines

In addition to our custom machinery and engineering design services, Optimex Engineering manufactures the following industrial machines and parts for our clients:

Foam Crushers
Foam Crushers
Optimex Foam Crushers will run through blocks of foam up to 8ft. wide by 4ft. high, crushing the closed cell foam to soften it.
Swaging Machines
Swaging Machine
Swage copper tubing for in-line joints. It is hydraulically operated, forming tubing up to 3" in diameter

Flaring Machines
Flaring Machine
Flaring machines flare the end of copper tubes for assembly with compression fittings.

Peristaltic Pumps
Peristaltic Pumps
Our pumps are self priming, and can run dry without damage.

Cell-Concrete Machinery
Peristaltic Pump
Cell-concrete machinery is popular because of the increasing requirements for greater energy efficiency in the construction of buildings today.

Roll Coating Machines and Glue Applicators
Roll Coating Machines
Optimex Engineering's roll coating machinery applies an adhesive or other liquid media to a web or pieces of material running through the applicator.

Cushion Covering Machines
Peristaltic Pump
Optimex Engineering's cushion covering machine provides an efficient way to insert a cushion into in a cushion cover for any sofa or chair cushions.

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