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Foam Crushers

Foam CrusherOptimex Foam Crushers run through blocks of foam up to 8ft wide by 4ft high, crushing the closed cell foam to soften it. We can custom build crushers for other foam block dimensions. Please contact us with your required specifications.


SchematicThe foam bun is compressed from both sides down to 4". Both the top and bottom rollers pivot. The front rollers close towards each other at the same angle while the top and bottom rollers pivot. This ensures that the top and bottom of the bun are softened equally.


  • The Pivoting motion is electrically operated.
  • The closing gap is adjustable.
  • The heavy duty frame is designed and built to withstand the crushing forced exercised upon it with ease.
  • The moving parts of the crusher are safety guarded.


  • Maximum foam block size: 8ft. by 4ft. (Other sizes available upon request)
  • Roller diameter: 10"
  • Roller Length: 100"
  • Number of rollers: 7 top, 7 bottom
  • Crushing force: 20,000 lbs
  • Crushing speed: 5m/min, variable
  • Conveying speed: 15m/min, variable
  • Drive motor: 15 Hp
  • Power Requirements: 480V or 575V, 3PH, 60CY, 30A

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