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Task Dedicated Industrial Robots

Task dedicated industrial robots are more capable than off the shelf general purpose robots. They can lift more, reach further, withstand higher temperatures, be faster, and require less floor space -- just to name a few examples. They are simpler and less expensive by having their capabilities tailored specifically to your needs.

Custom Industrial Robots Built for Your Unique Production Methods

Example of One of Our Industrial RobotsOptimex Engineering can design and build a robot that will do exactly what you want it to do. It will be a specialist in its own dedicated task.

For example, the picture displayed on the right shows a four axis robot that picks up 72 can cups from a conveyor, rearranges them into a different pattern and places them into a box at different levels until it fills the box.

Task dedicated industrial robots are just one type of machinery that Optimex Engineering can design and manufacture. Click here for more information about our custom machinery.

We can evaluate the requirements of an intended project and submit a competitive proposal.

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